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Supporting Entrepreneurs

We’ve created an online community of aspiring entrepreneurs. We provided complete courses, talks and training resources to learn and improve entrepreneurial skills and access to sources to develop a business idea successfully.

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About Emprendo Hoy

Problem - In many instances, in Peru, self-employment is the only route into the labor market for people with disabilities. Every day we speak with service recipients like Gloria, a wheelchair user who can't find employment. People with disabilities may face workplace discrimination, have accessibility issues, or be undereducated. Solution - We have created an online community for aspiring entrepreneurs like Gloria who live with a disability and provide support such as free courses and resources, mentoring, funding access, and more.


We provide access to courses and resources related to entrepreneurship.


We have mentors who could help members move forward with their business idea.


We educate members about sources of financing.


Members join our community of entrepreneurs.

Words from our members

"The project allows me to offer my services as a physical therapist. That's why the project is so important to me because it pushes me to reach my goals and make them a reality."

Deysi Medalit Mechan Llontop

"Thanks to the entrepreneurship course, I'm able to successfully map out my business ideas with the goal of creating a business that's profitable and sustainable."

Raúl Valderrama Cardoza

"Guidance and access to financing helped me to get my business started and continue to promote and create new products in my pre-Colombian art workshop."

Wilver Alva Ccora

Why Emprendo Hoy is Needed

Provides employment paths for people with disabilities.

77% of people with disabilities do not participate in the labor market. Emprendo Hoy can help PWDs start a business.

To help members to gain autonomy from access-related barriers.

To have the flexibility of managing their hours and workload, build self-esteem, and achieve their aspirations to become self-employed.

Helps develop skills sets and gain experience.

Starting a business and learning about entrepreneurship will help the candidate become more employable if their business is not a success.